Wednesday, October 15, 2014

North Carolina Day 5

Every morning I'd make myself some coffee (with the Keurig, I don't have one of those at home) and sit at the table. Sometimes before I ran sometimes after. 

I started having a little bit of company. This is Squid.

She's pretty adorable. She's like "oh hey that smells good whatcha got in there?"

The dogs would occasionally come hang out with us but they spent most of their time playing with each other. They are both pretty cute though :) (Ivory)

Jess was at work and we didn't really have any plans so I decided to go out for a little bit longer run. I went down the street and then around the corner until I got to 1 1/2 miles and then turned back. 

Soybeans anyone? If there wasn't tobacco planted it was soybeans.

My audience for the day

Running on vacation was so nice because it made it seem so much easier. Probably because I was more into checking out my surroundings than concentrating on my running.

Melissa and I played UNO for part of the day and I read my book The Last Secret.

I had told the girls I'd take them out for pizza for dinner but they said there wasn't any good pizza places. We ended up going to Kickback Jacks instead. It's like a huge sports bar & restaurant. Lucky for me they had lemon drops on special! 

We got a couple appetizers to share and got this beautiful salad for dinner.

Melissa got this giant pizza.

The other girls were too far away for me to snap pics of their pics like a crazy blogger lol. When we got back to the house we ended up all hanging out on our bed. Doing what normal people do. Play on their phones together.

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Chris H said...

Lovely looking salad, and something tells me Melissa loves pizza! lol

Chris H said...

Lovely looking salad, and something tells me Melissa loves pizza! lol

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