Wednesday, October 15, 2014

North Carolina Day 3

Day 3 of our trip was Saturday. Jess didn't have to work so after I got up I went for a run. I really enjoyed all my runs while I was there even though I mostly just ran up and down the same road.


The sides of the roads all have these small irrigation ditches so people have creative markers by their driveways.

Cute horse

Tobacco field

and a "mostly harvested" tobacco field

When I got back we made a big breakfast. Ivory visited with me for a bit, she's about 6 months old, isn't she cute?

Then we decided on going for a ride to the Crabtree Mall. I'm pretty sure we went to the mall so Jessica could take advantage of my Victoria Secrets card, but I could be wrong ;)

While we were there I noticed that there was an area where you could get a chair massage. My neck and shoulder had really been bothering me every since we went on that long bike ride. I decided to take advantage of it, because hey I'm on vacation!  $18 and 15 minutes later I felt like a new woman.

We ate lunch in the food court. I was good and got a 3 salad plate from an Italian place. Score for me!

After that we drove back home for a bit and then went over to Ariel's aunt's house. Ariel's brother was moving to Florida so his aunt had a little get together for them before he left. When we got to the house (which was really cute I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture), we hung out for a little bit and then took the golf cart and went out to "the creek" where the girls like to take the dogs to play. They said the creek was down a little bit but the dogs still loved it. They ran around and around through the woods and then through the creek having a great time.

I found a little tree to sit on after a bit. I just had to make sure and get out of the way when the dogs started to run at me!

I kept seeing these HUGE spider webs. I posted this picture on Instagram and people told me that it's not actually a spider that makes them but a "webworms". I looked them up and they are pretty disgusting.

How about a cute little mushroom instead?

Here's Ivory getting dried off a bit by Jess

After that we went back to the house for dinner of hamburgers, beans, coleslaw, potato salad and chips, and key lime pie. Good thing I had a salad for lunch ;)

Eventually we went back to the house, changed into our stretchy pants and watched a movie in Jessica's room. We watched Silver Linings Playbook, which was really good.

I tried to go to bed earlier so I could get up early the next day so we could go to the coast but I still ended up staying up late.Pin It

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Chris H said...

We have 'creeks' here too... sometimes called streams too.
Rivers are deeper and faster and bigger than a creek.

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