Friday, November 2, 2018

Craft Show Tomorrow!

OMG I have headphones on at home because some people are so annoying. Seriously.

Just about got all my stuff ready for tomorrow's event! Went through my box that has become the "junk box" and cleaned it out. Just need to load my stuff in the car.

Last night I went to bed at like 7:30 lol I think I stayed awake for about 2 more hours watching Netflix and playing the "lightning" games on Words with Friends. Jess told me about those and OMG that's got my competitive spirit going. I'm like I need to get the MOST points on the team.

I've been watching many many episodes and seasons of Midsomer Murders. The episodes are really long, like an hour and a half and I think I'm on season 11 and there are TWENTY seasons. That'll keep you busy for awhile! Usually I'm watching it while I'm sewing. Which I haven't done much of this week even though that was my goal. Oh well I have plenty of stuff to sell still. I'll try again next week ;) Sunday maybe!

Today on my lunch I went over to the flea market and walked around. I got 2 grocery bags of stuff from one vendor I go to a lot. $7! I'm pretty sure these people just buy storage units and then just unload it all at the flea market. They put everything in messy rows and you just walk up and down and pick through to find stuff.

I'm always looking for sewing stuff to keep or resell. This little tin is full of buttons and other stuff.

I had to get this book because it peaked my interest. Who knew they did calorie counting in 1923? 

I just had to laugh though since it's about being healthy and the first thing you see when you open it is recipes for junk food.

What's for dinner? Looks like a good place to put your favorite cream puffs recipe!

Too funny. I'm totally going to read this whole book. I love nutrition stuff when people aren't forcing me to see their side ;)

Ok I'm going to go lay on my bed and watch some Netflix. The craft show tomorrow doesn't start until 10 so I'll probably leave the house around 7:30. 2 hours is more than enough time to set up.

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Chris H said...

I hope your show goes well... 2 hours sure is plenty of time to set up. I usually take exactly 1 hour. We just got Netflix set up in the house. Can't wait to see whats on it.

Annsterw said...

Good luck! That cookbook is awesome! I am definitely on the same wavelength as the previous owner..I have pop tarts for dinner if it means not cooking real dinner! LOL! Great idea finding things at flea markets and re-selling! I hope your booth killed it!

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