Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Play Day

Woohoo I'm off work today! I took the day off to go with the new "Ladies Group" that someone made out where I live. We are going to go to a play. I volunteered to drive one of the cars since I get car sick in the foothills, and lets face it, I have control issues haha. My mom is going too so she can be my co-pilot.

Last night after work I went and got a car wash and vacuumed my car out. I should to that more often since I park in dirt spaces all the time and it gets tracked in onto the mats. It's always so nice when it's clean but it doesn't last long.

And now the dog is whining like he has to go out. Scott takes them out in the morning before he leaves for work at like 5:45 am. Usually they don't go out until after I get home around 4:30. But since I'm here he thinks he has to go out again 2 hours later. So rude.

The weather if finally changing a bit, at least in the morning it's cooler. I just had to go find some socks. I swear the kids get so excited to turn on the wall heater when it starts to get cold. I have to admit I kind of like standing in front of it in the mornings to warm up.

Monday was my niece Ava's 7th birthday. They did cake and ice cream on Monday night which was a bit of a challenge since I work in Modesto and they live in North Stockton. I had to come home, let the dogs out, pick up Trevor, find something to eat for dinner along the way and fight all the commuter traffic.

Her mom made her pretty cake!


I finally got to see the baby! This is baby Joey. He was asleep the whole time and his mom wouldn't let me wake him up. So unfair ;) He looks just like his big sister Adrian.

Well have a good day everyone, off to read a few blogs before I have to get ready. 

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Annsterw said...

That cake is beautiful! Wow! How awesome that your mother has the skills to make something like that! The new baby is sweet!!! I woudl have woke him up anyway...dont listen to the parents;-) He can go back to sleep after everyone leaves...HA!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Can't wait to hear about fun play day. :-)

Chris H said...

Gorgeous cake. I've been reading your blog since BEFORE Ava was born! She sure is growing up fast. New babies are always adorable, shame he was asleep.

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