Thursday, November 1, 2018

Get Out Your Wallets

Well Halloween is over, time for the big push to buy buy buy all the crap you never knew you needed. Well after the elections are over anyways.

It's so weird having big kids on Halloween and no littles around. I fully planned on staying home and sewing but I ended up going over to the neighbor's to hang out by her little fire and lots of neighbor friends. (Trevor came with me) We hardly ever get any trick or treaters so I didn't even buy any candy. Plus we had just done the trunk or treat so all the neighbor kids got my candy on Saturday lol.

The night before Halloween the big kids all wanted to carve pumpkins. I got 5 for $2 each at the little kid's vegetable stand across the street from my work. I didn't even take pictures of them all and they didn't all get lit up because I had no candy and didn't want the kids coming to the door lol.  I had even stopped to get some candles per Jessica's request but then I got home and she wasn't even here and no one else seemed to care. Oh well Halloween fail.

When I was at the neighbor's house I ran over a little wood thing (think a 1/8 sized railroad tie for size) and after my low tire light came on. DAMN IT! I checked the tires when I got out and everything seemed ok but this morning one was really flat. I forgot to check until I was at the bus stop with Trevor and I knew there was no driving on that. I came back home and one of my neighbors came over to help me by putting some air in it. I got to work just fine and it was still ok at lunch. When I came out after work it was pretty low again. One of my coworkers had a little tire pump in his truck so he filled it up for me (and in the process I realized I ALSO have a little tire pump where there is no spare tire in my trunk lol. Stupid KIA)

I went to America's Tire on the way home and there was a screw in my tire. They fixed it for FREE. Talk about some good customer service. I will continue to get tires there. The only thing bad that has ever happened there is that Jessica's wheel cover fell off her tire not too long after she got tires last time. Probably just didn't get popped all the way back in.

After that I got a car wash, gas and went through KFC drive through for dinner because I was so hungry. Do not try to eat a piece of chicken out of the bucket on the way home, you WILL burn your fingers. Dang.

Ok here is my chubby Halloween outfit for Ann. I only wore the goofy glasses for the picture! Time for less KFC and more exercise. But it's like November 1st so maybe I'll just wait until the 1st of January ;)

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Lorraine said...

Not much Halloween action here either. So many neighbors decorated their houses, so I got prepared and bought a ton of candy. But as it turned out nobody on my street was giving out candy! They all took their kids elsewhere for Halloween fun. I was the only one giving out candy and I didn't even have so much as a pumpkin outside. Maybe 15-20 kids came by. Now I'm stuck with a bunch of leftover Snickers, Twix and M&Ms. Whatever will I do? ;-)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Seriously why start now, there is Thxgiving and then Xmas and left over halloween candy and then there is valentines....

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