Thursday, November 15, 2018

Smart People

Pizza is the oven. Celebrating because I have finished my long 3 day work week and woohoo haven't killed anyone. Just kidding. Well not just kidding that I haven't killed anyone because I haven't but MAN.

Today I was thinking how ridiculous it is where I work. Like I'm usually complaining that I don't have enough work to do but I'm actually busy working on a couple different projects right now.  I spent quite a bit of time today helping customers. This coworker who works in another office asked me if I'd be able to scan some stuff for her. Thinking it was going to be several files I told her maybe the other girl would like to do it for her so she'd have something to do. You know, because she's literally just sitting there looking at her phone with nothing to do. 

So the girl gets the email asking for help and I'm like I can help you if you don't know what she's talking about (email literally had the name of what she wanted and what tab of the folder it's on). Girl walks to the large filing cabinet and then BIG SIGH and rolls her eyes because the file isn't in there. I'm like it's probably on so and so's desk, which it was. Then she's like dramatically flipping the file around and I'm like TAB 5 (at this point I'm at her desk with her because obviously this is all too difficult). She fans through all the papers on Tab 5 and I'm like hmm maybe a bit slower... oh there it is. After that she was ok but omg how hard was that? Took like 5 minutes and 10 times the drama.

Another time when I was busy I asked the other girl if she could get a signature on a paper since the guy was at the counter. When I look at it later the guy had like scribbled on the month part of the date since he wrote 10 instead of 11 then wrote over the top of it. I thought for sure it would get kicked out when it got reviewed but the reviewer must not have been in a bad mood today and it made it through.

While I was helping the drama girl with the file the new girl in the other department was like hey come over when you get a chance. I go over and she's like so I have ALL this stuff for these 2 guys applications so we can see if I have what you need. Turns out she had NOTHING and was completely confused after looking at it all with me because I pointed out that everything appeared to be for John Smith III instead of John Smith IV? 

So I earned my wages today. I swear I feel like I'm trying to teach frogs how to walk on a leash or something. Training people how to do things isn't even in my job description and I feel like I'm the boss who can't fire anyone.

The good thing is that I'm off work tomorrow since I'm doing the "Sip n Shop" event I better at least make my booth fee back lol. Supposedly this is a great event with hundreds of people coming to shop but I've heard that before at events that didn't turn out that great.  All I know is there will be wine so there's that!Pin It

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

This is going to sound odd but I am finding people to be dumber by the minute.
Especially under 40. What the hell is wrong with people. The simplest of chores is enough to make them cranky and nuts. I have a theory but I won't share here.
Enjoy your time off!

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