Sunday, November 4, 2018

Handcrafter's Boutique

Well yesterday went pretty well. It was a bit exhausting loading my car up though. The great thing about this event is they get a lot of volunteers to help you unload/load your car up and set up. So I didn't have to carry too much stuff over to my spot by  myself. My car was definitely FULL though. Need to work on that. I think I want to get one more folding 6' table so my tables are all the same and will stack better in the car. I have a really old card table I use for my corner piece. I'm pretty positive it's older than I am. Actually maybe a 4 ft table would be better to fit the 10x10 spaces. 

The only bad thing about this spot was the dirt right in front of my table and on the inside area. I'm still wearing sandals since the weather has forgotten it's November and was 80 plus yesterday. My feet were rather dirty.

Thinking of getting 2 more racks for my key fobs so they'd go across the whole table

I made the little treasure bags $2 and sold several, the tissue packets are usually a huge. I sold a few but when I went to walk around I saw someone else was selling them for $1. I only do that when I'm down to a few that don't sell and I'm ok with that lol. 

The people across from me to the left of this picture were in full sun almost all day. I'm glad I wasn't on that angle. They kept standing over by my booth because it was shady. That was a bit annoying when people were walking by and couldn't see my stuff. 

I marked all the wine bottle bags down to $5 and they finally started to sell. They really don't use much fabric or time so even though it feels like I'm giving them away I'm not really losing any money on them.

Didn't sell any tooth fairy pillows. Towards the end of the day I put them on the table and they got more attention. I think I'm only going to use the screens if I'm not set up on a corner. I think they'd be better closer to the tables.

This wreath is going on my front door now lol.

All in all it felt like sales were slow but I did make a bit of money when I counted it all up! Jess came for a bit to hang out with me so I could go to the bathroom and walk around a little. The only thing I bought was food though!

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Lorraine said...

Your booth looks great, very inviting! Glad the weather was nice.

Annsterw said...

Glad it was worth it! Your booth always looks fantastic! Those tooth pouches are adorable and I LOVE that wreath! You are amazingly creative!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

did you make the wreath? Nice! as always

Chris H said...

Your stall always looks so well stocked and tidy. I think I will try having a table behind teh front one... so I can display more stuff. Glad you made some good sales... bummer that the competition was selling stuff for less. That's a bit off putting. I send Stew around to check out prices on other's stalls ... to make sure I'm being competitive. Over here no one seems to be selling much of what I make, which is great.

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