Sunday, November 11, 2018

Veterans Day Craft Booth

I'm sure you're all sick of seeing my craft booth set ups but it's nice for me to have them to go back and look at.

Earlier this week I decided to go ahead a do a booth on Saturday since it was still nice weather. It was supposed to be a high of 73 or something. Since there is that big fire up north it's smokey here  (so so horrible, I can't even imagine what those people are going through) so it was actually pretty cold all day. TG Scott told me how cold it was when I was getting dressed. I still could have used another layer on. I had soup and coffee for lunch from Subway since I was trying to warm up. I realized at the end of the day I forgot to drink any water (too dang cold!) I need to get a thermos for when I do the Black Friday event.

This is now going to be my set up if I'm not on a corner. It worked out really well. Originally the person to the right of me in the picture had their tables set up as a U but then they changed them. I was already done setting up when I realized. I would have done it in reverse if I would have noticed and there would have been a lot of room for people to walk in our booths. It turned out fine though.

I made about $100 profit so not too bad but could have been better. 

There sure are some weird people. People also say some of the strangest things.

But there are some really nice and fun people too. I like those ones haha

I just ordered one more rack for my key fobs. Trying to get everything uniform looking, plus they stack nicely in my boxes.

Scott went to the Raider's game today. I have book club at 2 (once again didn't read the book I should just stop going!)  I'm going to put a roast in the crock pot for dinner. I need to go through my cozies and make sure I don't have any of the ones I sold on Etsy. I've finally started to sell a few on there!

So nice to have tomorrow off too. Tomorrow will be a sewing all day day I think! Well sewing and laundry probably.

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Annsterw said...

Your booth looks great! So you can actually see smoke from those fires where you live? That's really scary! And I agree… How awful for those people that are going through that! So freaking sad! I have a hard time getting water every day… I forget all day long and at night chug five glasses LOL! Glad you made a lot of money! That's awesome!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I do not have today off, but it is quiet because everyone else has the day off.
It's funny to me that when people have off work they don't call, but when they are working the phones don't stop ringing.
I believe you are further inland than the fires but still hope you are safe.
I could not handle living with fires and earthquakes. The good weather isn't good enough for me to be able to deal with that stuff. Snow is easier and I hate snow.

Chris H said...

You stall does look lovely. You asked about the cotton wadding with the Soup Bowl Cosy's. I didn't use it to begin with as I didn't know you needed to! But of course, now I do, and it works out a bit cheaper than the other wadding as it's wider on the bolt. It costs about $1 per cosy for the cotton wadding.

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