Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Just another venting session

Just a quick blog post then I need to work on some key fobs. (waiting for measurements to make the bowtie)

OMG I should get an award for not going off on someone today at work. I just don't understand why the 2 other girls at work have to be so stressed out about everything. Like hello we have plenty of time to get this little project done, just take your time. Instead the girl next to me is freaking out. Just chill just chill. Also she has done this thing several rounds now and she keeps asking me stupid questions. Can you really not remember? Jesus. I thought she typed herself up a whole manual on everything and she still has to ask me over and over.

I listened to podcasts all day with my headphones on and still was annoyed lol. I wish I could move into one offices.

Just took a giant cat turd away from the dog. HORK HURL SO GROSS. Dogs are disgusting.
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Chris H said...

Turn the volume up on your podcast, drown the dumb bitch out! Dogs are gross, we had a golden retriever who ate cow shit! DISGUSTING. Orthodontic braces cost THOUSANDS here... last time we got some for Lacy and Russell (that's going back quite some years!), it cost about $7,800. So I dread to think what it's going to cost for Brylee's! BUT... and here's the best bit, my Mother is paying. NOT US. She's recently paid for another granddaughter to get braces, so I told Brylee to ask her to pay for her's... and she agreed. She couldn't really say no after paying for the other kid eh? *smiles* We already paid a couple of thousand a few years ago to get Brylee's canine teeth fixed with a brace. Can't afford to pay for this round! My mother can afford it easily, so why not get them done on her!

Chris H said...

Oh it was $7,800 EACH by the way, not all together.

Annsterw said...

Oh ugh - to both the girls at work!!! Thank goodness you are to reign them in...imagine if they were left to their own defenses...we all have a purpose and that sounds like it is definitely yours-a voice of wisdom and reason!!!!
And ick to the dog eating the cat 💩
Happy Thanksgiving to your beautiful family!!!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

This is when I think working alone at home is wonderful.
Thankfully my dog only likes bunny poo - natures M&M's. :-)

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