Saturday, June 8, 2019

April Craft Shows & Book Club

I ONLY did 2 craft shows in April. First there was one at a church in Lodi. (CMA Gracepoint Church Spring Fling) What's funny is I used to go to the youth group of this church when I was a kid sometimes. My friend Amy went there. Now the church part that we went to is just like a school gym or something and the actual church is a big fancy building. They also had a "Cafe" that was ran by the youth group. Crazy. This was the first event put on here so it was not without it's "things to improve". It was kind of slow but I did make a little bit of money and met some new people.

The other event I did was our yearly car show out where I live. This one is the best since I only have to go .4 miles lol. Also the bar is open and my kids and friends come and hang out. I would have done better at this if I would have had some other "new" products since most of the people out here already have my mug cozies. I did sell some stuff though so it was all good!

The Saturday before the car show my mom had book club at her place. Some birds made a nest in her fancy wreath I bought her for Mother's Day last year.

More wildlife in her yard ;)

My mom always does such a great job decorating. 

Our book club is getting sparse. I don't even remember what the book was since I never got around to reading it. This month was supposed to be my book club (June) but I asked for a pass. I think I'm actually going to quit since no one actually reads the books anymore and it ends up taking up almost a whole Sunday. Hanging out is fun and all but I have too many other things on my plate.
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