Sunday, June 9, 2019

May Kittens

Since most of my pictures for May appear to be kittens lets start with those! From May to June they have went from super calm to not wanting to be snuggled and held as much.

Tina sleeping in my friend's hands lol. She was so out!

Tongues out! 

Helping me sew

Tubz is a bit food dominate. She has decided the big cat food is hers too.

Not actually sewing when she was doing this lol

They LOVE these sandals, so funny, they would scoot them all over the floor

Melissa came over to play with the kittens

I don't let them in my room much but I was working in there and I had a helper, She took off with the measuring tape at one point.

They love all my little tubs, crawled in and passed out

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1 comment:

Annsterw said...

Oh my!!!! Those kittens are soooo super adorable!!!! I have four already but I want another now!!!!

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