Saturday, June 8, 2019

Easter 2019 part 1

I was super sick the Wednesday-Friday before Easter. I had a fever and finally dragged myself to Urgent Care on Friday. Got some antibiotics for a UTI I didn't know I had (weird) and then it was pull my shit together for people to come over.

Saturday was the annual Easter Egg hunt down at the campgrounds. My friend Dee always brings her boys out and my mom brought Adrian and Robert.

Back at the house to see the kittens 


After they left I made a quick run to drop off stuff to donate that I had cleaned out. Then to the grocery store and back home to do some more cleaning and cooking for Easter the next day. 

In between all that Melissa decided to finally take her things out of her bedroom and fully move in with her boyfriend. She was usually only here one or two nights a week. Trevor had been sleeping in the living room for awhile. So in the middle of everything else beds and furniture were getting moved around. 

Woohoo a living room again. I really need to buy new furniture. 

Anyone else make a late night potato salad?

Onto Part 2!

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