Sunday, June 9, 2019

May's Random Pictures

I'm almost caught up on posting! Here are some random pictures from May.

They used these bandages on Scott's leg ulcers while he was in the hospital. I looked them up to see if I could buy some. The cheapest I could find was $3 A PIECE and he had 5 on at one time. Changed daily. Yeah that's not in the budget...

Buster helping

Lunch time thrift store SCORE! I got over 80 uncut patterns. The guy ringing me up gave me about 20 for free and the rest were .25 each. In that batch I sold one for $35 and one for $15 already. Woohoo

Driving out of the club one day. 


This was a big project. I always pick up vintage sheets and interesting linens to resell or use myself in crafting. I had been going through my boxes looking for some fabric stuff and realized I had A LOT and it was time to go through them again. This took me several days to get listed on a Facebook group to sell and then I ended up taking 4 trash bags back to the thrift store to donate. I did make a couple hundred dollars though :)

My friend Carolyn turned 50! She was going out to dinner with her family and her husband had us show up and surprise her. The only picture I got lol

Buster spends 98% of his day sleeping on the kitchen chairs.

My mom invited me and my kids over for pizza and to break in her fire pit. That was a nice night. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Breaking in a fire pit is a lovely idea. Did you bring the s'mores?
How is Scott's leg doing?

Annsterw said...

Oh wow! Amazing how much medical things cost these days!!!! Thank God for insurance - it's crazy!!!!
How is he recovering...hopefully good?!?!
That is awesome that you can resell those patterns - especially when they are uncut!!!
I am loving your Mom's new fire pit! We have pone at my parents house at the lake!!!

Julie H said...

Yes! He’s doing better, hasn’t complained much.

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