Monday, June 10, 2019

Anniversary Dinner

Last Thursday was our 26th Wedding Anniversary! It's a miracle.

To celebrate we did what we do best, went out to eat haha. We tried a new restaurant that people have been raving about, it's called Anna's Asian Palace. What's funny is that it is in the same place that our old favorite Chinese food place was in. It brought back a lot of memories.

One thing was the same, the fish tank! Probably not the same fish though lol.  Might have to take all the kids since they have Chinese food along with the sushi. My kids won't eat fish, thanks Nemo.

The little pork pieces reminded us when we all used to go to Chinese food with my Grandma Marilyn, Aunts and Uncles. Before she died we did stuff with everyone. I miss those days. We used to go to On Lock Sam's in scary downtown Stockton and they had the pork with sesame seeds and then a little bowl that was half ketchup and half hot mustard. As a kid I learned quick just how hot that mustard was lol. You'd dab the pork in the KETCHUP and then into the sesame seeds and they'd stick.

I've never had dumpling soup before, it was really good.

I can't remember what rolls we got now, Scott's sleeping or I'd ask him. They were both good though.

It's a good thing we have "Confidence" haha

After dinner we went to our little bar where Scott forgot I existed while he watched baseball and talked to his friend. I sat outside and talked to my friends lol. Great old married folks we are.

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Annsterw said...

Happy anniversary to you both! I love that you persevere and work together through life!!! Congrats on getting "a good one". I assume he is healing well since he is able to go out...yay to that!

Annsterw said...

Oh and a funny issue I have...I can not eat sushi at places that have fish tanks!!! We have one near my house and I can not bring myself to eat fish when one is swimming next to my head!!! I feel terrible!!! I have to get my food to go there...seriously! HA HA

Julie H said...

Yeah that is kind of weird to have a live fish tank in a sushi place lol

Chris H said...

Nice you got a lovely meal on your Anniversary. Looking at it made my mouth water.

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