Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Sewing Cooking Washing Dishes, The Fun Stuff

Well yesterday I never got to the Etsy listings and only made it til midnight but I did get some sewing done.

But first I made dinner, this doesn't look great but it was yummy. It made a lot of dirty dishes though.

Skillet Salisbury Steak, Mashed potatoes (cooked the potatoes in the Instant Pot, I think it would have taken the same amount of time on the stove), left over corn from Father's Day BBQ and some green stuff. I used ground turkey instead of ground beef. No one cares but Jessica and she wasn't here to eat it anyways ;)

I got the straps done on these (I did 2 of these bags)

Just one of these

and I did 2 of these too. 

I have a bunch cut to size just needing to get sewn together so that will be a bit faster tonight.
I was so tired this morning. I almost called in to work because Lucy was holding me hostage.

I stole this picture from Trevor. Doesn't Rusty look so happy? That's Tiny Tina with him. She tried to run out the front door when I was bringing the dogs in today after work. ACK! That would be scary. We have so many stray cats outside she'd be knocked up and beat up in no time. We were figuring out how old they are and we think they are about 12 weeks now I guess I can make them an appointment to get spayed soon.

I signed up for some events yesterday. This one should be nice, I love Sutter Creek. Hopefully it won't rain or have gale force winds. 

Updated my running events for my FB page.

Just finished dinner for tonight. It was clean out the fridge night. Cooked up all the veggies I hadn't got around to and made a salad and then CASSEROLE. Everyone's favorite meal (ok maybe just mine). 

Off to wash my plate and then get some sewing done!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

ok the meals look good, I want the Salisbury steak!! can I invite myself for dinner if I bring dessert?

Julie H said...

Sure just let me put the cats away 😉

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