Friday, November 10, 2023


Good morning happy FriYeah! I'm off work today so that is nice. 

I've been awake since about 4:30am though when Scott sent me a text that he called 911 for his mom. She fell and was sprawled out on the living room floor. They took her by ambulance to the county hospital (ambulance drivers said they had a better trauma center, I'm thinking they get more money for the longer drive). She has a broken hip and is going to have surgery today. I wasn't sure if they would do hip surgery on a 93 year old with dementia but apparently since she was walking around before they do it. We'll see if she makes it through. Scott and his brother went together to the hospital (I was going to go but I'm pretty sure I have the beginnings of a cold) and when they got there she didn't know who they were.  Sad. They were there for awhile then left and Scott decided to go to work. Men are so weird. I told him he can pack up his stuff and move back home now. She'll have to go to rehab after and he's not the person to be taking care of her when they release her from that. Especially if she's barely walking. Here goes the next step.

I was so proud of myself using up almost all of my Christmas fabric making those coasters and then yesterday I realized I have a whole box of Christmas fabric here. Ugh. Guess that will be next years projects lol.

Finished up making my coin purses from scraps yesterday. Well they aren't finished but they are in the correct form now with their lining fabrics. Next up is to cut the batting (if I have enough, might have to go to Joanns) and match up zippers.

I'm cleaning up the scrap mess now. I've mostly been using my smaller scraps on these and have decided if they are a certain amount to just cut them into strips. Which filled up my tub real quick. I'm about 1/2 way through cleaning them up.

I have darts tonight. If my nose starts to run more I will have to find a sub I think. Hopefully it doesn't get worse. I can't believe it's 11 already. Time sure flies when you aren't working.

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