Sunday, November 26, 2023


Hello happy Sunday! I didn't have any pictures so here is Tina begging for loves. 

Yesterday Scott and Trevor went and got us some pizza from Papa Murphy's (you bake it at home) so we had that for a late lunch. Trevor had left and Scott I thought went to take a shower and I was laying on the couch because I was exhausted. Scott's brother comes in and looked at me through the screen thing in the doorway and then went into the kitchen/living room where his mom is. After a few minutes I heard a bang of sorts and I was like wonder what that was. I was sitting up and he comes into the doorway and yells at me something about the trash being full. I was like we couldn't take it out because the outside trash was full and they JUST picked it up. (The trash in the kitchen wasn't over flowing either). Then he yells at me about making this house a mess like I live there. I kind of laughed a little and said CALM DOWN WE'RE NOT THE ENEMY and he slams the door and then peels out in his truck and I heard a car honk at him. Sheesh. I think someone needs some therapy. What a crazy ass. I found Scott out in the garage doing laundry and he didn't hear a thing with the washer and dryer going. We went in the kitchen and he had kicked one of the smaller cans over (they have 3 cans for trash so you have to sort out recycling and stuff) and there was 2 pieces of pizza on the cutting board. There was like 4 things in the sink. I guess you're supposed to eat standing up and just put it away immediately.

Anyhow so that was fun and still rolling around in my head today. I decided to go home around 6 and fed the animals and played with the dogs a bit and then I went to the bar where our friend Dave bought me drinks and then I came home and made a turkey sandwich and went to bed. Surprisingly I'm not hung over this morning.

Since it is watch the kids Sunday I think I will stay home this morning. Scott said his mom is the same as yesterday. She's full of little energizer batteries I think. Jess said Daniel will pick them up around 5 so then I can take Scott dinner and hang out then. Hopefully I'll miss the Jack Ass daily visit to show he's boss. 

The hospice people never came yesterday either. So much for coming daily.


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