Friday, November 17, 2023


Good morning happy FriYEAH!! TGIF I'm so sick of work stuff this week.

Yesterday I had to take my Linc Pass to go get my credentials updated. The Linc pass is a card that you stick in the computer (and printer/copier) to log in. I'm glad I remembered where the place was because it is not at the address it gives. TG for a good memory on something! The girl there was fun and chatty while the computer did it's things. I was in and out pretty quick. I thought about hanging out in Livermore but it was almost commuter time and I decided that would be stupid. Instead I drove back to town and took my self out to lunch and hit the grocery store.

Look at this, so funny "better than a pony". They were all sold out or not stocked too.

I'm pretty sure they doubled the per pound price on roasts since last week or so. WTF. Who can afford to buy a $67 hunk of meat that's not even that big. This is the cheap grocery store too. Someone had abandoned it in with the steaks. I got all the stuff I think I need for Thanksgiving. I got my free turkey (although I keep forgetting to look to make sure it was actually free) with $125 purchase. Actually spent 2x that but hey I got a 20 pound turkey.  I just put it straight into the fridge since it's so big. I think it will be fine.

Came home and put the fridge stuff away then rested on my bed for awhile before darts. Made it through without coughing too much. Trevor went to the dr yesterday and got meds for an ear infection. Drops and a Z pack. I'm glad he went he almost cancelled. He was running a low fever yesterday. His auto-immune makes that happen more now. :(

Look at Miss Tubz. She's so cute too bad she barely likes me. My mom and I have traded this bouncer back and forth like 3 times now. She was done so I had it, I was done and then my brother got the new baby so it went back to her and now we have another baby coming lol.

No plans for today or the weekend woohooo except babysitting on Sunday. I need to clean since I haven't done anything all week since I wasn't feeling great and busy. 

Hopefully Scott goes to see his mom tomorrow. Maybe I'll be well enough to go soon. 

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