Wednesday, November 22, 2023


Good morning from the hospice house! 

This morning I had to stop by our outgoing mail box and noticed all the birds sitting on the internet tower. No wonder it has so many issues lol. You'd think they'd put some streamers on it or something to keep them off. 

When I got here mil was being a bit ranty. We started to change her diaper but then realized the gal didn't put a pad under her yesterday and the whole bed was soaked in pee. So we had to figure out how to change everything on a bed with someone laying in it. At one point Scott just picked her up for a sec so we could get the sheets on/off. My whole body is aching now. I'm not used to doing those things and haven't lifted weights in awhile lol. It's amazing how much a 70 something pound woman feels like she weighs when changing her. I can't imagine a heavy person. She's been mostly quiet now except for every so often she yells about hurting but I went in to give her more meds and she acted like she was sleeping (or was) and wouldn't respond to me. 2 minutes later yelling again. 

Yesterday the girl came to give her a bath and she was SO PISSED! I thought she was going to deck her. I ended up having to help with that while Howard cleaned the front walk way. Because why would you want to help where it is needed.  I mean the walkway looks great but he could have done that after.

When the girl left mil checked out for pretty much the rest of the day. I left to go get some lunch but mostly just to get away for a little bit. Howard was here farting around outside. After work hours were done I did some cleaning and straightening up. It feels so much better. I brought my vacuum yesterday but didn't want to do it while she was quiet. 

Aren't these little guys cute? I thought I broke one because the head fell off but it is supposed to be that way (mustard). Scott said they used to sit on top of the stove fan in the kitchen. 

I also found a bunch more pictures of my kids in their little developed envelopes. Those were fun to look at. Lots of pictures of her plants that have almost all been killed off now since the boys didn't water them :(

We get off work two hours early today. Thank God. Wish I had Friday off too but it should be pretty dead anyways. Most people take it off so not much work going around. My mom is bringing me lunch but she said she's going to Wal mart first so she'll probably be a few hours after lunch time lol.

Scott is off for Thanksgiving and the day after so 4 days I won't have to be here all day. I'll probably have to come and help with changes and stuff though since it's so hard with only one person. Plus it's really lonely here by yourself. She doesn't do any conversations at all just either yelling, babbling or checked out. :(

Tomorrow morning I will be cooking the turkey and doing the sweet potato pie. Oh and the sausage and bacon wraps. I'm going to cook the turkey early and then cut it up and put it in the crock pot so it's done and out of the way. I need to do some laundry too. One more time for my Choco-Cat fall shirt lol. I ordered 3 fun Christmas shirts hopefully they fit.

Oh and hi Gillian! Thanks for stopping by. I always wonder who the 20 or so people are that read and don't comment lol. 


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Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, I’m so sorry that your mil is in so much pain and has dementia and that you and Scott have been so stressed with taking care of her. Any chance she would be more amenable to being moved to your home or an assisted living facility now?
I’ve been reading you forever too and find you so real and relatable. I think bil sounds like a jerk but he is also dealing with seeing his mother become unrecognizable and he doesn’t have the emotional tools to deal with it-which is probably exactly why he’s such a jerk. I had a good friend whose husband could never deal well with the fact that his wife/my friend was so ill and was so stupidly helpless it made me angry for her. Friend told me most men just don’t deal well with illness.
Sending you a hug. Rachael in WA.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I need a ton of laundry done too - let's run away and have a drink or two and blow it off. :-) Happy Thanksgiving Julie.

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