Saturday, November 25, 2023


Hello happy Saturday! Lets start with a few more Thanksgiving pics Jess sent me last night.

Trying to get everyone coordinated for the timed picture haha This is my kids and (part of) Daniel's family

Yesterday Jess, Melissa & Eric all came to hang out with Grandma a bit. Jess wanted to paint her nails so she did one hand and Melissa did the other. It was so sweet.

Grandma was listening and would move her mouth a tiny bit or her eyebrows but that was it. 

I decided to go home around 6:30 since there wasn't much of a change and I didn't want to sleep on the trundle bed again. That thing was like sleeping on plywood. If I spend the night again I'll sleep on the couch.  Melissa left about the same time as me. Jess had left a bit earlier since she has the littles at home. 

I got home and had some furry snuggles and washed up all the Thanksgiving prep dishes. There really wasn't that much but there was a lot of bulky things. 
Tina head butts.

Tubz didn't want anything to do with me after I fed her some dinner haha. Such a guys cat. 

I went to bed not too long after cleaning the kitchen and eating some pie. I woke up to Trevor texting me at like 11:30 that his truck wouldn't start after work. We decided the easiest thing would be for me to just go get him and deal it with it in the morning. So I went to get him at like midnight. I had to stop and get gas on the way too. Simon went along for the ride.

This morning we went to go see if it would start and no deal so I came and switched places with Scott and they went and got a starter and put it in.

When I came in I said good morning to my mother in law and she opened her eyes and made some noises. Well. Didn't expect that. She was doing a bit of moaning so I gave her some meds and gave her lots of wet swabs with the sponge thing for her mouth. Of course she stopped making noise right before Scott got back. 

I asked Scott to humor me and take the mirror off the wall behind her. The energy feels much better now. I'm glad he did it even though he thinks I'm nuts lol. 

Yesterday we were looking for the photo albums from when Scott was little and surprise they are not where they used to be. We can't find them so far. I told him a long time ago he should have brought those home since most of them were pictures while hew as growing up. I guess he believes me now. We did find more loose pictures while we were looking. 

Not sure when this picture was taken but I like it. 

his mom with 3 out of 4 daughters

His mom with the 2 daughters that have passed away in the last 2 years.  His mom was about my age here, just a bit older. Melissa was impressed with their legs. I said they were all lookers!

Haven't heard when the hospice people are coming today yet. Yesterday the girl said she's showing the signs that it won't be long so they will come every day now. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, your mil got lucky with you and Scott. ❤️

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