Sunday, November 5, 2023


Good morning happy time change Sunday! So nice to sleep in an extra hour. That part is my favorite although I don't like that it gets dark earlier.

Yesterday I was up bright and early for the craft show. I got there just after 7:30 and I was all set up by 9:30ish. Maybe a bit before. It takes me quite a bit longer to set up than it used to. 
Tiny bit different set up than usual. This place does well with a zig zag table set up but after I did that I realize I couldn't get out of my booth haha. So I moved a table over a bit so I had an exit. I think before when I did that I must have pushed my table out past my booth a bit more.

Last night I did a little bit of inventory and I sold 46 zip bags. That is more than I sold at the street fair last time so that is pretty good!

I went through my coin purses and I sold 22 of those. 

Next to go through is my keychains. I have on my tally I sold about 11 of those so we'll see if that is correct. I'm  usually off by a few because I forget to mark them down when it gets busy. Keychain sales have definitely slowed down a lot. 

I don't have any other shows scheduled but saw one for in December in Ripon so asked for an app for that one. I need a good before Christmas one to sell off more stuff. 

Today's plan: washing my bedding (thanks Snookie ugh). Already have that going.
Already washed all the dishes just have to put them away.
Scott's going to the store for a few things for us.
Finish cleaning out my car. I've just been bringing in one box at a time.
BABYSIT so need to pick up some more and vacuum.
I need to start taking some Mondays off if I'm busy on Saturdays so the weekend doesn't go by so fast. At least we have next Friday off. 
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I tore apart the last room that was neglected when we moved. It was a dumping ground. But I got sick, then ricks stroke so it kept being put on the back burner. I moved furniture, reorganized etc. I am so sore today. Pathetic right? You were productive, selling your wares, I'm doing something that should have been done 1.5 yrs ago!!

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