Wednesday, November 1, 2023


Good morning happy November 1st! I know I say this every year but how is it the end of the year already? So crazy.

Well Halloween went off pretty well. I ran to the store and got food for dinner, candy and some cheap decorations. Oh and pumpkins! The grocery store actually had some still and they were big so that was nice. The house was pretty clean so I just had to clean up some dishes and run the vacuum. I made pepper steak for dinner (Melissa's request). I judged right on how much to make and even had a little bit of leftovers. 

Melissa brought some cookies she made.

Little man

He wore his costume for a little bit when they went to his other Grandpa's house.

He'd rather be naked at mine haha. He had lots of chips for dinner.

Eric & Simon-we did casual dinner because we were all too lazy to go out and get another table and chairs haha.


Daniel, Rosie & Jess

Someone put her ears on me and I forgot about them lol

She was a little grumpy


Her 2nd outfit at the other Grandpa's.

Jess & the littles left after dinner to go to Daniel's dad's house. The other big kids carved the pumpkins.

They turned out super cute

We had more trick or treaters this year than probably the last 10 years or more. It was nice to have a lot of kids. I'll have to get more candy next year. I had just got a bag for the kids and figured if one or two kids show up I'll give them some lol. Luckily it was a big bag!

No plans for today other than trying to work with this horrible program that is taking forever to load/not load. So frustrating. I actually had dreams last night about doing spreadsheets so that was fun. Nothing like working all night in your sleep!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

ooh I used to hate when I dreamt about work. The worst!
Seeing your son makes me realize how long I've been coming here. He is a man now. Wow.
Those grandkids are so damn cute. I love 'grumpy's' face. I feel like that a lot lately. :-)

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