Wednesday, November 24, 2010

4 Years And Going Strong!

The 21st was my 4 year blog birthday! Hard to believe it's been that long that I've been blogging on here! It's amazing no one in my family has found me and disowned me yet! I should have made a plan to give something away but I just have been too busy and it kind of snuck up on me!
Here's some 4's for you

My first 4 blog commenters (amazingly all still blogging!):

Organized Doodles I should get him to make me a new header!
Penguin Stands Alone She has some really cute drawings!
Barb at So How Was Your Day? still a favorite of mine!
African Kelli she's awesome!

My last 4 blog commenters:

Diet Coke Rocks  she cracks me up and is SO crafty!!
Pampers and Pinot new commenter!
Jenn at Juggling Life another very busy part time working mom of teenagers
DustieBottoms another new commenter

My 4 most looked at posts:

My Baby Comes Home Tomorrow I think this was from when I was laid off and had a lot of time to surf and comment on other people's blogs (and people looking for a picture of a fish in a fishbowl)
Cooking In The Tupperware Stack Cooker apparently a lot of people have these and have no idea what to do with them.
Shopping With The Shopper shopping with mom
Enough Already! Hot and Jess at Camp

My 4 favorite blogs right now (hard to pick!):

Welcome To Sara's Organized Chaos not for the easily offended
Diet Coke Rocks of course it does!
Barefoot Foodie also not for the easily offended (seeing a pattern here..)
Domestic Fashionista someday maybe I'll be together and on top of everything again like her!

Thanks to everyone for coming and being a part of my little world. You all make my days brighter (even those I didn't link up to!) Here's to another 4 years!!
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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Happy Blogoversary! And Happy Thanksgiving, too!

Ashley Urke | Domestic Fashionista said...

4 years! Wow! And I made it into the top 4! You are so sweet :) To many more years of blogging!

Barb said...

Awww! Happy anniversary.... so cool that was one of your first. I had no idea!

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