Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Zooming in the Mom Taxi

Today was a pretty nice day at work. We have our big application deadline on Friday so today we had a steady stream of applications. I am the lucky one that gets to put them in the computer so I stayed really busy. I LOVE this time of year. It makes the day go by so fast. Not to mention I've been sitting up front and we are shorted handed. Which means I have been helping the customers to fill out the applications. Which is a little scary but I love talking to people.

After work I went straight to the little kid's school to go to their conferences and get their report cards. Trevor's wasn't the greatest, which I'm blaming mostly on football. Who has time to read and study when you  only have an hour of downtime after school and go to bed right after football? TG we are done with that. Now we will have more time for reading and practicing spelling words. His teacher seemed really concerned that he has a hard time getting along with the other kids for group work. I told her I think it's in his DNA. Really not sure what we could do to like other kids better, his dad is so anti-social for the most part. Don't think anything is going to fix that!

Straight from there I went to pick up Jessica at school. She had stayed after for a club meeting. I told her I wanted to go get my hair cut but she wanted to go to the mall and check out swim suits so we went out to the mall. Right after we got there she read an email from a water polo coach that said she could come meet with her at 5:30 to find out about the team she was kind of wanting to join.

I don't really want her to do water polo right now. I'd have to drive her to the practice and pick her up, which would basically put us right back on the football schedule of never being home. Of course, I don't come right out and tell her no, because I hate saying no. AND it's something with exercise, which is good. But it's on the far side of town so she can't even walk there from the school (and it's hours after school is out). Not to mention where are they going to compete? Driving all over I'm sure.

So we go over to the high school where it's at. I've never been on the campus, have no idea where the pool is, she doesn't either. We both got a bit snappy. Found the pool, it's about 5:10. She's all "it doesn't start until 6". I thought she said 5:30?? Can't wait around for a few minutes? She's all "just forget it, let's go, I just won't do it". So I said ok and drove off. Then I got the silent treatment for about 4 hours and am the meanest mom in the world. Whatever!

Went and got my hair all chopped off after that.

Finally went over to my mom's to pick up the kids or whatever. She was having a little halloween party for the other kids. Her friend's 5 grand kids, a neighbor boy, my nephew, niece, my cousin  and my 2. Crazy lady!! It was pretty much mass chaos since the average age was 7.  The kids had fun and I had a nice visit with my aunt and my mom's friend.

My mom's friend just went through a divorce and has lost 60 pounds. She made up cute little business cards for her class reunion that she went to that has on one side "what have I been up to?" and on the other side has a picture of her big and a picture of her little and goes into losing weight, "now available" and her new hobbies, which are the gym, texting, twittering and zumba. It's great!!

Well I didn't get anything done around the house or any bookmarks made but it was definitely a busy day. I'm glad we have tomorrow off.

Thank God for all the Veterans out there!! If it wasn't for them we wouldn't have our freedom, let alone a day off!!Pin It


Mary~Momathon said...

Buy Jessica a car!!!

Lifeofkaylen said...

Ha - meanest mom ever!! I have had that title before. Don't worry, it gets passed around.

I LOVE the business cards from the woman who lost weight. That's AMAZING and what a fun way to celebrate!

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