Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another one bites the dust!

So here's my baby girl's picture she put on Facebook.

Don't tell her I stole it ;) I'm trying not to cry everytime I see her hair and think of how cute she was when she was a baby..

It will fade in what 2 years or so??

Yesterday Trevor was getting an award at school. The teacher said the award ceremony was at 2:30. I left work at 2 thinking I'd have plenty of time. I kind of forgot about the backed up traffic from the road work they are doing (covering up the gravel YEAH!) and got there at 2:40. Rushed in and they were about 3 classes past his already. His teacher saw me and let him come over to me. Loser mom, misses kid's first award at school! Maybe it's good he doesn't get used to me being there lol.  Wouldn't want his expectations to be too high right?

He was pretty proud anyways!

When I got home it was BEAUTIFUL outside and I ended up doing some weeding. Got one little area cleaned up. Maybe some day we'll get the front yard done being landscaped. Although by then I'll probably change how I want things and redo it all.

Trevor was acting like he was sick when it was time for football and crying and carrying on. I didn't feel all that great myself so I dialed Scott's number and let Trevor plead his case. He told his dad he was sick (liar!) and that he didn't want to go. Scott told him ok, he can stay home, then they hung up. Oh darn, no chance for me to tell him he was faking.

SO I got to stay home and started working on my bookmark orders. I haven't done any bookmarks in awhile but people like to give them as Christmas gifts. I got one done (it was different than the normal way I do them so took a little more thought and the gal was in kind of a hurry for it). I think it turned out nice but I get the feeling the gal doesn't like it that much. Hopefully she likes it more when she gets it in the mail.

I don't know why I stress about it so much. I think I probably have about a dollars profit in about an hours worth of work! But I do enjoy making them!

When I just went to get the bookmark pictures off my camera card I found some pictures of Melissa playing with bubbles yesterday. Jessica must have taken them. This one is my favorite.

Well one more day of football practice!! Scott's delusional and thinks he will maybe want to play next year. I told him he's crazy!! One more practice, one more game. Where do I turn the stuff in??
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Anonymous said...

and hopefully that gal doesn't read here LOL! I don't think she does. Looks fine to me but I missed the whole conversation as to what she wanted. I'm still waiting to hear from Bolivia if Celia liked hers and her books!! I'm sure she did but response time is kind of slow.


Sara Strand said...

I kind of like it. She looks cute, Julie! At leat she didn't pierce her lip, right? :)

Mary~Momathon said...

Every time I told my rebel teen that I just loved her hair, she would change it.

I love that picture of Melissa!

Ameena said...

I have no idea why your pictures aren't loading on my computer?

Anyway, you are are awesome for trying to make the award ceremony, even if you didn't get there on time. Sounds exactly like what happens to me on a regular basis!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That bubble picture is fantastic--I think I'm going to try to recreate it!

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