Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm blind and need comment love

Wow I'm really rocking the comments lately!! 0 comments on my last 2 posts. AWESOME! I'm sure that has something to do with me not having much time to read blogs lately and leave comments myself. Between being sick for the whole month of November (and counting, although I feel about 95% today which is freaking AWESOME!) , being busy at work, working on bookmarks and just being dead tired I haven't had much time to give comment love.

Wow I wrote AWESOME 2 times already.

Anyhow, my day started off a little oddly this morning. Scott told me when he kissed me goodbye this morning at the butt crack of dawn that he had packed the kids lunches and they were in the fridge.


The only other time he's made lunches is when I've taken a vacation that didn't include him and the kids. So I got up this morning and my whole routine was thrown off. Which is ok, I'm not complaining. And that time was filled with yelling at the kids to stop fighting because Trevor wants to take a dump in private and Jessica doesn't want to get out of the bathroom because she is doing her HAIR. Seriously cannot make this crap up. Great argument for getting a bigger house with TWO bathrooms. :sigh:

So work wasn't too exciting, took a walk after lunch with 2 coworkers. We work right by a prison. Might be a jail. Not sure, what's the difference? Anyhow these gals were walking in the prison/jail yard after the officer locked them in their oversized dog run area. It hit me that they are just like caged animals. And Women. And they look just like all the other mom's on the playground. Scary.

After work Jessica got picked up for her 2nd driver's training. We requested a different instructor and she looked way better than the big dork they sent last time. I asked Jess if she used the brake on her at all and she said no! Progress!! One more training and her test is on December 29th. Let's all pray she passes and someone gives us a bunch of money so we can afford to get my old car fixed up for her (WHY are tires so freaking expensive??)

While she was there the other kids and I went to Costco so I could get my eyes examined and FINALLY get some new contacts (been wearing the same ones for MONTHS, I'm sure my eyeballs are going to fall out of my head anytime now). After him examining me he wants me to come back Saturday to make sure my eyes are really as fucked up as they seem and it's not just because I have a cold. Fun. And no new contacts. DAMMIT!

Came home and worked on bookmarks up until about 15 minutes ago. Scott woke up from the couch and turned off the Harry Potter behind the scenes that I've been listening to for the last 3 hours. I think it actually repeated once or twice.

So the fine folks from Overstock sent me an email with some deals for you!!

The discount code is: 121728 , good for 10% off all products.

202234 ** - free shipping promo code for electronics (not sure if you include the ** or not, you'll have to try it out.

I think we should get a new bed, since my husband prefers to sleep on the couch most nights! Melissa has a digital camera on her Christmas list I think. They are much cheaper than they used to be. I could use some new sunglasses too, I just broke mine :(

There's some good deals there so go check them out! Their regular shipping is super cheap too!

All the ideas and opinions expressed are my own. No monetary compensation was received for doing this post, however, I was provided with a discount code.

PS all links have been removed because they keep wanting me to change them. How annoying!Pin It


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

okay I'll bite. Since there is nothing to really comment on I'll go with....try a Tempurpedic Bed. The best money we've ever spent!!!!

Annsterw said...

Thanks for all the updates in all the areas of your life - I too have been a bad blogger..I am reading all them (including yours which I LOVE by the way) but just not commenting in my own...we shall see - LOL!!!! Glad you got new contacts cause if your eyes fall out you will definitely not be able to blog!!!! HA HA!

Mary~Momathon said...

Comment Love! Comment Love! Comment Love! Comment Love! Comment Love! Comment Love!Comment Love! Comment Love!

Anonymous said...

well my internet has been down for 2 days!!!

and you're busy working on my bookmarks right?? :-)

Love Overstock. and don't forget to go thru mypoints. I got 10 pts per $ on my $70 coat! jackpot!


North of 25A said...

Hi! Stopping by from SITS. Saw the title of your blog. I can SO identify. Then, when I arrived & I saw your header, too cute! I also get when you mean about the comments...sometimes I feel like the less than popular comment girl - LOL! Nice to "meet" you!

Julie H said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone!

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