Thursday, November 11, 2010

Needs lessons from the teenger, they make it look so easy...

So after I slept in until 11 today.. ELEVEN.. my God!!.. I got up and made the kids breakfast (bacon and waffles yum!) and took a shower and did my new hair cut up. Then I attempted to take a picture to put on Facebook to show my friend. First I tried in the bathroom with the camera. They were so horrible I just deleted them off the camera. Then I tried the webcam.

hmmm light behind me (why is this black and white?)
oh didn't smile
where do I look?
k got the light to be covered up
where do I look?
kids saw me lol, nephew spent the night last night and trevor haha
ugh stupid squinty eyes when I smile (where do I look?)
yep still squinty
hey not too bad, ugh kid behind my chair, still not too bad (squinty eyes and all)
yep, going to have to go with the last one
So, how do you like my hair?
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jb said...

Julie the hair looks good...I left a little something for you on my blog come by and collect it ok.


Chris H said...

LOL THAT is why I never smile! My eyes (like yours) squint up!!! You look lovely though, so does ya hair.

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