Thursday, May 2, 2013

It Started Like Any Other Day

Well today was a fun day.

Trevor had a field trip to the Mission San Jose. I wasn't able to go as a chaperon because they had too many parents that wanted to go. So the kids went to school and I went to work. At about 11 Trevor's teacher called and told me that he had gotten dizzy and passed out. (Like full on hit the ground!0 He was ok but just a bit off. I talked to him on the phone and he sounded ok. She had given him half of a pb & j sandwich because he said he hadn't ate anything (he was going to eat breakfast at school but they made them hurry and get on the bus). I was thinking he probably had low blood sugar and he'd be ok now.

So a bit later she calls me again and says that he is still acting kind of weird and that his eyes are dilated. I can tell she's kind of panicking but I'm just thinking eh he'll be ok. Then she starts talking about wanting to call 911. I was like um yeah we have like no insurance? (I'm still paying off the ambulance from Scott's accident and JUST paid off the last doctor) So please don't do that. I called Scott at work and asked him if he could use someone's car to go get him. He said he could and while he was on his way the teacher called me back and said she called 911. I asked her to please wait for Scott to get there before they took him anywhere unless he was like REALLY bad, which I was thinking he probably wasn't.

When I talked to him on the phone he was telling me how everything went black and he just saw stars. I've had that happen to me a few times when I've been too hot and haven't eaten. So that is why I wasn't too worried about him. I've never fully passed out but once I've sat down and eaten something I've been fine.

Scott got there not long after the ambulance and they were just checking him out. They did a skin prick and his blood sugar was fine. His blood pressure was a bit low but other than that he was ok. Scott said that he did seem a little bit out of it. He took him to McD's and they had lunch. I had already left work and started driving there (like 2 hours) because I didn't know how bad Trev was going to be and since Scott rides his bike to the train I figured I'd need to get him anyways.

Scott took him back to work with him and he was fine just hanging out until I got there. Scott only had a couple more hours of work so I took Trevor and we went to the mall to hang out for a little bit until he got off and I could just drive him home instead of him taking the train.

We walked around a bit and he was fine just seemed a bit tired. We went to the Target in the mall and it was 2 stories Check out the escalator for grocery carts! What a trip!

I bought him a Jamba Juice that he wanted but he only drank about half of it. He totally crashed out for about an hour on the way home and seems perfectly fine now. He did say that his ear is plugged up though. I made him a doctor's appointment for tomorrow to get him checked out. He still has a lingering cough from his cold too so might was well take him in. I'm guessing he just has an ear infection and MAYBE bronchitis but he seems to be clearing up to me.

So that was my excitement for today.

I got home and actually made dinner! I KNOW it's been forever. We had Chicken Nacho Bake, asparagus and I had a sweet potato. I made red potatoes for everyone else but no one ate them. Scott went out and did his 15 minute run while dinner was cooking. The plan was for him to ride his bike while I did my 4 mile run after dinner (I was waiting for it to cool down) but he fell asleep before I went out so I went by myself.

I turned off all my audio cues on Runkeeper except for the mileage  It was really nice not having to worry about time and pace and to just run. 2 1/2 miles seems to be my sweet spot where I am warmed up and can actually enjoy my run now. I remember my trainer telling me it took her 2 miles to run up when I first started the couch to 5k and I thought she was insane. Now I get it.

It was still 79 out at 9:00. Welcome back warm weather! I just wish I had a pool to jump in when I got home.

I'm done running until Sunday's 12 miler! It's only supposed to be a high of 79 that day so maybe it won't be bad  from 7-9 am. we can hope (and pray!)Pin It

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