Thursday, May 2, 2013

TEN Mile Run

Sunday morning came really early. 

TEN MILE RUN!! Am I ready for this? I don't know! 

I skipped the shower and got up at six. 

Pony tail check. 
Sunglasses check.
Fuel belt check.
Phone and headphones check.

I didn't drink any coffee and just drank a bit of water. I grabbed a CLIF bar for breakfast and ate it on the way to town. (If you are new here I'm doing my half training on Wednesdays and Sundays with a training group)

Scott decided to go with me and ride his bike around with my Dad. I guess my Dad had done that last week while my step mom ran (we were in Monterey so I did mine at home before we left).

The run started off really good. I didn't even listen to my music until about the 6th mile. My step mom and I just chatted the whole time. 

About mile 6 I was starting to feel like I needed to go the bathroom but of course, there were none out by where we were. I was asking Scott if he though the little corner market across from the train station would have a bathroom when BOOM I started to fall. It felt like slow motion going down and I was so lucky I just fell on my hands. Whew for saving the knees!! Sadly everyone saw. I was like damn that was embarrassing! Scott told me later I looked like Spider Man the way I caught myself haha.

Of course not as embarrassing as crapping my pants would be. By the time we got by the market the urge had went away a bit but it kept coming back and by the last leg I was starting to check out the bushes. If I didn't have people with me I so would have crawled into them. 

Lucky for me I was able to make it to the Chevron station. I swear that was like water in the desert I was so freaking happy to see it. All the way in I was praying that it would be open and I wouldn't have to wait. Thank God it was!! 

My step mom and Dad had went ahead and Scott was waiting for me outside the Chevron. When I came out of the bathroom I saw a girl that I know from running (she ran the Double with us). I was like oh hey how's it going! It's funny because on the way to the Double she was driving and spent a bit of time talking about trying to go before races and such. Gross but hilarious that I would run into her in the Chevron. I told her I was so happy for their bathroom and she said she's so been there done that haha. 

Anyhow, obviously I paused my runkeeper for my bathroom stop. I got back out on the road and finished the last quarter mile or so back to the club.

I had Scott snap a picture of my step mom and I when we were finished. Hard to believe she is 60 years old. She runs about the same pace as me right now (probably just a bit faster if she wasn't with me) has run full marathons and looks like she's 12 here. She started running when she was in her early to mid 40's. I think she is freaking awesome and such an inspiration. 

With this run I met my goal for 70 miles for the month!

and runkeeper sends me my new records in an email, they have fancied it up a bit this week.

(the elevation climb is for the whole month combined I believe). 

My next long run is 12 miles, then a 10 miler and then the race!! It's getting closer! 

Oh and on the way home Scott noticed there was port a potties at the train station DOH!

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