Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Progress Pictures & May Goals

Well it's the first of May already!

I've spent most of this month mainly focusing on my half marathon training. With all that running has come not so great eating because I sometimes feel like I'm starving! I've upped my calories to about 1900 or so and that's helped a lot but I'm not losing any weight. I'm actually up a 1.6 from last month but I'm pretty sure that is mostly just from my eating whatever I wanted on Saturday and Sunday. I seem to bounce up and down in a 3 pound spectrum on a day to day basis.

I took the pictures and measurements after work too so of course they would probably be a bit better in the morning. I can see no difference at all. My legs feel like two solid rocks though.

arms are -.5 (probably because I haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks)
my waist measurements are all up about .5 an inch too.
everything else is the same.

I'm not too worried about it. I'll focus more on my eating after my half is over and I'm still happy with how I look with clothes on. I did try on some bikini's at Target and came home with a strapless cute polk a dot tankini. No little triangle top for me yet!

This month I set a goal to run 70 miles and I hit that a couple days ago. Total miles ran for April are 80.52! That's a lot of miles for me on my feet. I'm going to have to buy new running shoes pretty soon.

We also went for two huge bike rides and one 2 miler to my mom's place for a total of 86.56 miles on the bike. 

I pretty much feel like running is consuming my whole life right now. This morning I washed myself with shampoo and dried off with a hand towel. I think I need a day or two with no one home so I can catch up! I should probably put the Easter stuff away too. 

Three more weeks until my half!

My only goals for May are to run my half. That's it, that's all I care about right now. 

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