Tuesday, May 14, 2013

One down 2 to go

It never ceases to amaze me how I can start off on the most crappy run and end with such a runners high. In the beginning I'm struggling struggling struggling and then it's like a switch is hit and BAM!! I'm good to go.

Weirdest thing ever.

I keep having a lot of knee pain for the first two miles or so. Everything being so stiff and then it's like it just works it's way out and I'm fine.

I was thinking that this only happens when I run at night. Lately I've been sitting around a lot more before I run too so I'm thinking I'm going to try tomorrow to be up on my feet for about an hour before I run. Maybe it's just that I really need more stretching-warming up? I have been stretching before I run and walking for about five minutes but apparently that is not enough to get the kinks out.

In any case, TWO MORE RUNS then 2 days of rest and then my half on Sunday!! It's coming!!

I just checked the weather forecast. I might be getting lucky!  The race starts at 7 and will take me about 2 1/2 hours to complete so the weather forecast says it will be somewhere between high 50's to mid 70's while I'm running. That's not bad at all! Let's all pray it stays that way.

I still need to work on making a playlist. Not sure if I'm going to get around to doing that or not but I'd like to at least put a few of my favorite motivating running songs together in case I need them. I can play them over and over if I have to right? 

In other news today was Jessica's last day of classes! She'll be coming home tomorrow for the summer. It will be nice having her home :)

I spent most of my day today judging the science fair again. Oh my some doozies again this year. Things to consider when your child is doing a science project. 

1.) If you are getting out your welder to help your 5th grader? This is no longer their science project.

2.) If you didn't even know your kid was doing a science project you are with at least 50% of the ones I saw today.

3.) If you are doing a science project there should be some kind of PROJECT not just things cut out that you printed off the internet.

4.) The science project is supposed to start off with a question. If you didn't ever ask and/or answer a question you don't get the blue ribbon.

(my favorite)

I ate a school lunch today. It was kind of gross. Pretty sure it was a lot of calories too even though it was on the "healthier" side. I turned down the cottage cheese, shredded lettuce and pulverized peaches. Oh and milk (white or chocolate -170 cal I looked ;))

I'd rather eat school lunch than sit in a cube all day though so it was worth it :) 

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Unknown said...

Bwhaha on the toothbrush one! Check out the PDF I posted on stretching on the runner's board. No stretching prior, plus there are lots for evening or after. Let's see that playlist!

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