Thursday, October 10, 2013

Furlough 8-Blood Clot 4

Looks like I forgot to come back and update yesterday. Sorry about that!

So I had called the doctor's office at 8:00 and at 1:30 I decided I should probably call and see if they forgot about us. Sure enough they were like "oh the doctor has already left". They did say that the doctor said to keep taking the meds and called in some pain pills and that he could take some motion sickness meds that help with dizziness. They also moved up his Friday appointment to today. So I've got about an hour to kill before I need to take a shower and start getting ready to go. Not sure how he is going to get from the car, inside and up the elevator and into the doctor's office. He's only walked from the chair to the bathroom and the bathroom to bed the last couple days.

For all the whining and complaining I've done about sharing my runs and work outs with my man I'd just about give anything to get that back right now. ::cue quivering lip:: This sucks.

I'm really hoping that things start looking up soon. We'll see what the doctor tells us today. Still not sure about the trip I'm supposed to take with my mom this weekend. The kids will be here so they can cook frozen pizzas or whatever right?

One good thing about all this stress is I'm down to my lowest number since July on the scale. WTG anxiety eating stress!! Kind of weird since I'm still eating and working out. Maybe it's because I'm not getting boxes of donuts and candy put in front of me at work every day. Obviously not going out to eat for lunch either.

Yesterday I spent part of the day adding stuff to my Etsy store. I need to figure out how to add that to my side bar again. Go check it out. I'm going through some boxes I've had in my room forever. Guess that's one way to get my room cleaned up more too right? I have some ideas for some crafty stuff to work on but I figured I should start with trying to clear out the stuff I've been storing first.

Etsy Store here

Well that was fun. Never try to get a dizzy man from the parking lot into the doctor's office (upstairs too but they did have an elevator). Thank God they had a wheelchair for the way back to the car. We didn't go far though, just across the street to the hospital where he is now. It was pretty obvious to me this morning when he was trying to get in the car that he was going to end up in the hospital. The prescription medicine was making him so dizzy and sick. Now he is getting an IV of heparin. Hopefully that will work quickly and before we know it we'll be back to riding bikes together.

I talked to my mom and we cancelled our trip. Sucks. But we can do it again some other time. It's a relief to just have it cancelled and not have to worry about it now.

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Chris H said...

OH hell... I hope he's better soon!
I must read back to see what ails him. sorry you have to postpone your trip, but as you say, his health is more important.

Unknown said...
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