Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hanging Out With The Fish

In my never ending unemployed non federal worker drama I received my little unemployment checklist back in the mail yesterday. Apparently they don't like it when you mark 2 boxes and then circle the correct one. So yeah, I have to re-do that. Which seems counter-productive since the I had my "phone interview" and the lady said she had the payment set up and I'd receive it when hell freezes over. Oh wait I think that was 10-15 days.

So my employer was doing a booth at the Salmon Festival today. We went there year before last (I think) and the year before that. (or maybe it was 2010? Look how little my kids were) We didn't go last year because well, we had seen it all and it's an hour away. This year they were really needing some volunteers but I'm like eh why would I volunteer for you if you can't even run your printing press for me. BUT on Friday I guess they got desperate enough and offered to pay me and the other employee to come help. Money talks, yes, yes it does.

I didn't bring any kids with me because I figured I'd be there all day and I was. I spent all day setting up little fish to paint, filling up paint pallets, etc. For some reason I was exhausted by the time I got home. Not like it was hard or anything lol.

Oh darn it's so ugly here

 I spent a lot of time looking at cute dogs.

The fish on the "drying" table

This was one of the busy times, all the "stations" full

I stupidly wore jeans. I started off with a sweater but at least I was smart enough to wear short sleeves under it. I'm pretty sure I got a little bit sun burnt although I think I haven't actually looked at myself in the mirror to see. That's November in Northern California.

The only times I left the booth were to go find something to eat and later to go find a potty so I didn't check out any of the other booths. The one next to us though had fish races. COOL! They had some little fish and a drag race type "race track". The kids all seemed to get a kick out of that. Oh and on the other side was some kind of Gold Panning group. Yep.

When I got there in the morning there were a lot of cyclist and I sent Scott a message saying "when you're better, we have to come ride here". Soon I hope!

I know he was feeling a lot better today. He tinkered with fixing the flats on one of the kid's bikes and cooked ribs (with a rub) in the oven. Nice! I likey! He does seem to be dizzy a lot when he gets up though. Hopefully they will get the dosage figured out on his blood thinners soon, I think that is most of the problem.

PS, if you like puppies go see my friend Chris! Her Cocoa just had puppies SQUEAL so cute! 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I used to volunteer to work the Salmon Day Festival when i lived in Seattle. Looks like fun.

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