Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WHY I'm So Tired.

What did you do today? Oh just EVERYTHING.

It feels like anyways. This day has been 3 days long. Got up (6am), took my shower, got myself ready, made the kids and myself breakfast, made lunches, bus for the kids, drive to work. Well almost drove to work. I was almost there I saw this cat carrier on the side of the road in an orchard. I went down the street and knew I wasn't going to be able to live with myself not knowing if there was something actually in there.

Thankfully it was empty but also sad because there was a blanket in there so I know someone dumped an animal or animals. At least they weren't locked up where they couldn't get to food, water or warmth. I hope they are ok whatever they are.

Right after I got to work it was time for the sun to shine in the glass windows and doors. I'm sitting at my cube. It gets so intense! I'm glad it only lasts for a minute or two and then the sun moves and it's fine.

And someone brought donuts. And the someone else brought more donuts. Sadly I gave in, one for each box. DAMMIT. They sure were good though!

Lunch at Subway. 
Took a walk around the thrift shop after work. Saw some nice vintage sheets but I told myself I'm not allowed to buy anymore until I do something with the ones I already have.
Grocery shopping after that. 
Then went over to my mom's place to supervise the guys cutting the trees (not really but it was fun to watch). They have a lot left to do but are making good progress. 

Scott made dinner, pasta! And garlic bread yum yum. (bowl one of two, apparently this is a big eating day)

Holy crap lots of dishes. 
Cleaned off the table so the kids could carve pumpkins and washed the dishes while they worked on them. I didn't have to help at all!

I went for a run while they were still working on them. CRAPPY RUN. My knees are pretty sore from my long run on Sunday still. I pretty much walk/ran the whole 4 miles. I think it might be time to get some new shoes. Probably doing some stretching would help too. 

I spent like 1/2 an hour picking the guts out of the pumpkin seeds. I love home made roasted pumpkin seeds they are so good. I added some salt to the water and am letting them sit over night before I roast them. 

Then I remembered that I still had to make the brownies for the pot luck at work tomorrow. UGH. So it's 10:50 and I'm having a cocktail while they cook. I don't know WHY I'm so tired all the time. 
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Chris H said...

You are so bloody tired all the time cos you cram so much into your days!
But seriously, that is not a bad thing. Way better to be busy than bored!
Donuts! OMGosh I could go a few of those tonight.
I'm drinking strong COFFEE to keep me awake, having to feed Flint every 90 minutes!
Oh and it's me first COFFEE of the year! Not bad, seeing as I hate coffee. lol

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I've never eaten pumpkin seeds but that sounds like a good way to make them -sitting in the salt. I think my hubby would love that.
Glad to see Scott is better enough to make dinner. :-)

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