Sunday, October 6, 2013

How much is this going to cost me?

UGH I'm so annoyed. I had to wash all my bedding today (being a girl ROCKS!) and had Scott bring in ONE LOAD, which happened to be the mattress pad. I asked him if it was dry and he said yes. So now, a couple hours later I go to put it on and it's soaking wet. Um yeah so can NOT sleep on that. Thanks! Not that he cares because he is sacked out on the couch. So yeah, I've got about an hour to kill before I can make my bed before I can go to bed. Not that it looks like I'll be going to work tomorrow anyways, but I still have to get up to get the kids off. Today I got an email from Trevor's teacher reminding us that this week is college week. I just got a call from the school (automated thing) also reminding us that it's college week. WEEK. Not day. This is the agenda:

Now I'm all for promoting college to the kids but let's think about this for a minute.

My kids school is K-8.
Probably lets say 1/4 farmer's kids,
1/4 farmer's WORKERS's kids
1/4 people from my neighborhood which is quite a few low income people and maybe 1/4 kids from town that go there most likely because they couldn't make it at their school in town and had to find SOMEWHERE to go.

So out of that bunch of kids (about 250 kids total go to this school) how many of them do you think have a closet full of college clothing that will fit into these? Or even know someone or have parents that went to college? I'm thinking maybe they should have had HIGH SCHOOL WEEK where we could pick what high school we want to go to and work on getting there.

Honestly I don't care all that much about the kids having a spirit week or whatever but they get the kids all worked up for it and then I'm like hmm well I have this race shirt that might work? How about this shirt? It's got a little bit of blue....

One day last week he was supposed to wear a pink t shirt. The only pink t shirt I own is almost see super thing and very girly. Um no he's not wearing that. I think maybe they should just have a 10 minute craft time and make things to pin on for these or something. Seems more logical.

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