Friday, October 4, 2013

Furlough Day 4

Woohoo only a couple more days and I totally can get unemployment. Although there seems to be something in the works for actual federal employees to get back pay once this disaster is over I am a contract employee so I am at the mercy of our board of directors decision to back pay us or not. Either way I'm glad I did the unemployment app on the first day I was off.

So I'm sure you all heard by now about the woman that caused the ruckus in DC yesterday. I'm still wondering what the hell was going on in her head. Guess we'll never know since they mowed her down. What ever happened to bean bag guns and tasers? Or you know, taking someone down with a shot to leg? I thought for sure we would find out that she was a federal employee who was worried about how she was going to feed her child (that was in the car the whole time) but no. Dental hygienist or something like that. Crazy.

So I'm on coffee cup number two or maybe it's three? Two definitely two. I told myself I was going to to go the gym today. Now I'm thinking maybe I'll go ride my bike. Whatever I'm going to do I better figure it out soon. Part of me just really wants to go get under the blankets and read my book some more. That's the trouble with me reading books. They always end up with me napping.

Jess is still sleeping and the other two are in school, although Melissa gets out at 12 something today. It makes me really wonder what is even the point of those short days? By the time you get there it's time to go home.
Well today has turned into no clean Friday! Funny how that works. First 2 days off scrub the shit out of the house, couple days later, ahh who cares?

So Jess and I took all the recycling in. That was always her spare money when she was home and we tend to just let it pile up until she visits and she takes it in.

All this mess?

$39.00 not too shabby!

After that we decided to get some fro yo and ended up at the movies. Funny how one thing leads to another. We went and saw Runner Runner because it was about the only thing interesting that was playing right then. It was eh, ok. I thought it was going to have a lot more action than that. Jessica noticed right away that the dad is the dad from Home Alone. OMG! He got fat. And old. Sad.

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