Monday, August 27, 2018

Bunco Monday

It's Bunco night! So much fun. Just chilling for a little bit before it's time to go.  They needed a sub so my friend Cassie is going to come too. Bunco is almost all really fun people now that we've got rid of the one girl who was always either super drunk or on drugs (or both).

I thought Jessica was working tonight but I had her old schedule. I got home and all my kids are here, that hasn't happened in awhile. Too bad I didn't plan to cook anything for them for dinner.

My mom got a call from the school this morning that Robert wasn't there. I called that one, someone owes me $5. Wonder if he'll make it tomorrow. My mom told them to call his mother.

Sunday I spent all day working on those bags of scraps that I bought at the thrift store. I had paid $11.25 for them. So far my profit is $89 so not too shabby! I still have a pile of stuff that wasn't cut into squares left. Sadly most of it is flannel so nothing I really use. I was thinking they'd make some really cute rag quilts though. Look how pretty this one is, I don't think it would be very hard either!  Could be cute for Christmas presents for the kids.

pic via

I watched a lot of Netflix this weekend. Finally made it through all of Heartland. I'm glad she had the baby at the end because that was all that was keeping me watching haha.

Then I watched To All The Boys I Loved Before, which is a movie and I thought it was cute. I like the main boy character, he was on The Fosters in the beginning. 

After that I watched Like Father which has Kelsey Grammer.  Also a movie which nice to watch instead of a series. It kind of made me want to go on a cruise. Scott would probably hate it since he'd be forced to be social.

Then after that I went back to watching Life Sentence which I had forgot I was even watching. It's a good background noise show but nothing to carry your laptop around with you for. 

Today in the car I was listening to Casefile True Crime episode about Susan Snow and Bruce Nickell. OMG people are so crazy. I was going to say what happened but I think I won't so I don't ruin it in case you want to listen to it. 

Oh and here is my favorite purchase from Saturday.

I put them next to the succulents on my desk at work, they make me laugh!

Ok off to Bunco, everyone cross their fingers that I win :)

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

you cracked me up with going on a cruise but Scott won't want to be social.
I understand Scott very well.
I hate cruises but most people love them.
It's like a hotel on water and it's ground hog day, you can't get away from these same people.
I vowed to never ever do one again!!

I do not know what Bunco is but it sounds like fun, like all the things you do Julie.
I need you to live closer to me damn it.

Annsterw said...

Those dinosaurs are fantastic!! Perfect when you need a laugh at work!
I soooo wish I lived closer...I would love to have a bunco group to go to - I hear it is tons of fun from my sister and sister in law!
Have a great time-fingers crossed you win!!!

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