Thursday, August 2, 2018

iCloud Educated

Woohoo I finally figured out how to delete pictures off my iCloud. Thanks Google. Now my phone can finally stop screaming at me that it hasn't backed up my pictures. I take a lot of pictures of misc things and things to sell so I definitely don't need to pay for storage on a bunch of stupid pictures.

Today's work excitement was that I actually got to go out in the field. I haven't done that in ages. When I first started my job I used to spend all day driving around looking for orchard chippings. Today a gal at worked asked me if I could help her out and do 2 drive bys.

Yep, that's corn

Yep, corn there too.

She said something about having me do a few tomorrow. Let's hope there is enough to last all day lol. So funny just went back and looked for blog posts of the olden days at work. Found lots of funny posts. Might have to do a Peggy and share some of them again. I used to really just type out whatever I was thinking back when I first started blogging with no filter. Those were the days when the internet was newer and not as many people could find your stuff lol.

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Chris H said...

It could be interesting seeing old posts again. I don't think I ever filtered out what came out of my mouth and onto my blog!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

ah, pulling a Peggy huh?
It's fun to see what you were doing back in the day or just help you when you got nothin' to say or no time to say it. :-)

Happy Friday - I hope you are out on the road again today.

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