Tuesday, August 21, 2018

What's for Dinner

I have had such a brain block about looking for new recipes to make for dinner. That means we are having tacos tonight. One of the basic 5 meals I make haha. Just taking a five and then I'll get it started.

Work was so boring today (like most days lately). I cleaned out this big filing cabinet in my desk, mostly because I was looking to see if I had some labels in there, which I didn't. Threw all the catalogs that people keep giving me to order supplies in the recycle bin. Who needs a catalog. So much easier to just type what you want to buy in Google.  Companies should just stop making those and spend their money on online advertisements instead.

I finished another little project I had made myself, and then what. I swear I feel guilty that the government is paying for me to sit there and do nothing. But mostly I feel angry that they have the other two contract employee girls sharing my job. Such bullshit.  Meanwhile the other departments are drowning in work because of the hiring freeze (we can't really cross over).

On the way home today I stopped and picked up some fabric (I know, I know I keep complaining I have too much stuff) from Marketplace. $3 for a bundle of Christmas fabric. The gal left it on the porch so I put $5 under the mat. I felt guilty taking it for $3 lol. I was looking at her FB profile and she has 5 little kids. I don't know people do it with that many kids. I'd be a crazy person.

Speaking of kids Jessica and her guy friend Daniel went camping today. So now both of my girls will have went up to our camping spot without us. I need to plan vacation time better next year so we can actually take off during the week and go. Although after last year I wasn't really wanting to go anyways. The cows and the drama were all too much. And after re-reading that link there I totally am glad I didn't plan a camping trip haha.

I was looking at Marketplace and saw that there is a thrift shop/antique shop for sale. Like the whole store is for sale. I sent the link to my mom and was like if I only didn't need health insurance I'd say we should do it! She'd love that. I'm hoping once Robert is gone she can get back to crafting and having fun. He should be going back to live with his mother soon. My mom is counting down the days lol. They have court on Thursday. Yesterday she got a call from the school that he had punched a kid. They didn't even send him home. My kid pushed a kid and got suspended (the kid was choking him) when he was that age. I guess all schools don't do "ZERO BULLYING" policy eh? I'm sure my mom was glad she had a couple more hours of silence ;)

I started watching the latest episode of Heartland on Netflix. Kind of just half-assed watched it last night while I worked on my sale stuff. A couple more people bought stuff so I have almost sold all the misc notions stuff I put out for sale (all stuff I got in boxes of bought/gifted items). If I could just do a box a week I'd be down to not much crap soon. Well if I don't keep picking stuff up on Marketplace ;) 

Trevor is napping and it's so quiet I hate to make noise starting dinner! It's almost like I'm home alone! But not..

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I too have been struggling with what to make for dinner lately.
I get so tired of cooking.
I suggested guac and chips for dinner and my hubby said go for it. I'll make margarita's so I have a feeling tonight may be easy for me. :-)

He punched a kid and did not get suspended or sent home? I think he should have at least gone to the school psychiatrist if there is one.

I wish I were bored at work. Wanna come work for me? Health insurance and we're fun. Only $20 /hr to start through training though.
We could drink coffee, bitch about others and drink cocktails at happy hour together. What's not to like?

Annsterw said...

WOWSA! Our lives sound the same right now! I would love to buy and run an antique store! What fun that would be! I struggle every night with dinner especially because it is just me! If I make anything; I end up eating it for the next six days! LOL! But I could eat tacos for six days so I think you just gave me my dinner idea for tonight! HA!

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