Wednesday, August 15, 2018

I Need A Geek

I'm so over technology shit.  I'm so going to be that Grandma that's like "hunny can you just fix this for me??" Sadly I seem to be the one in the house that still figures all the computer and printer shit out.  Even if it takes me TWO DAYS to figure out how to install the wireless printer onto my wireless computer.  So frustrating. Then the stupid printer has a screen where it's trying to force you to enroll in their ink to your door program. Like hello? Amazon? I can get it just as quick and not have to be in a "subscription". I have enough monthly bills thank you. Finally just exited out of that and tried to print something and it worked.

Work is finally picking up a bit now that my boss is back from her 3 week vacation. So much better to have things to do than just sitting there bored to death.

I'm having thrift store withdrawals. I like to go on my lunch to chill out and a change of scenery but I have TOO MUCH STUFF and it is giving me anxiety so I need to stay out of the store. I usually do buy things to resell but I need to clear out more of what I have before I buy anything else. I don't have any plans this weekend (AGAIN SO EXCITING) so I will probably work on clearing out some more fabric. It's just hard to get rid of some things that I want to maybe make something out of. Usually I just give those a higher price so it's worth it if it sells. Games I play with myself haha.

It's just about time for bingo. Wednesday is about the only time I get to spend with Melissa since she's always at her boyfriends. She's been here the last couple days but she is all holed up in her room. One time I peaked in there and she was doing cross stitch. I think it's so cute that she is doing a hobby that I did at that age. Although I also was married and pregnant by that time. So weird to see how young I was through an older person's eyes if that makes sense. I'm like what the hell was I thinking! Probably that whole "he's so cute thing."

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Ah, I too am the geek guru at our house. But I should be fired because I suck at it, only slightly better than the dog and husband so I am stuck with the job.

It is so funny to see yourself in Melissa and think, how the hell did I do that?
I have the same thoughts at times.
It's only 9:28am here right now and I am ready to quit and run away.
Wanna come?

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