Friday, August 24, 2018

Double Blogging

Well since I did last night's post this morning you get another one today. I was just rereading my title and it made me think of the Double Mint Gum Twins. (link for anyone who is a baby and doesn't know what I'm talking about)

Is it too early to go to bed? It's almost 8:00. I think I might go lay down for a bit. I'll probably fall asleep then be up at 2 am wide awake.

After work today I went and got a car wash and vacuumed out my car (don't want my mom sitting in my filth). Everything but the very back part since I had to put all the crap that was in there somewhere. I didn't even know I was driving around with Trevor's skateboard in there.  I will have to clean all that out for our trip tomorrow. I'll probably do it in the morning unless I get a second wind tonight!

Oh also have to stay up long enough to change the laundry over. Out of undies lol. (just kidding, now Trevor has changed the laundry over since he's pissed off he has ants on his bed)

Tonight's excitement in our house is Trevor being pissed off about everything but especially ants and Scott watching the baseball game on the TV and his phone.

Hopefully they don't send Jessica home from work early again for it being slow since she about popped a gasket yesterday. Another day and she's really going to blow.

I put the first round of my flannel fabric squares on the FB group and sold 5 out of 11 lots I made so already made my money back plus some whooho

Poor Rusty pup has the runs :( I haven't had to take him out again since I got home but he sure was straining a lot when I took him out. I hope he's ok.

Anyone want to volunteer to take Trevor to get a new phone? God I hate getting new phones it takes so long. Kind of glad I'm busy tomorrow maybe someone else can take him haha.

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1 comment:

Annsterw said...

Oh no! What is the ant is his bed thing about?! UGH! I think I would complain too! HA

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