Thursday, August 9, 2018

New Computer Fun

Woohoo I'm up and running!

I got my new computer yesterday but only had a few minutes to play with it before it was time to leave for bingo.

My old computer loaded up a little bit but then I accidentally unplugged it and now it won't load again. Darn. Might see if someone wants to try and extract the pictures I had on their for me. Most of my pictures are on FB or my blog or both so I don't think I've lost anything too important.

I'm trying to decide if I want to get rid of the cabinet that the desktop computer is in. I'll have to find somewhere to put my printer and router though. Did think about maybe moving my sewing desk in it's spot. That would make more room in my bedroom but then I'd definitely have to sew in the living room so maybe not. I like to be able to close the door when Scott is annoying me when he's yelling at the TV. Yeah definitely not doing that.

Since my check register was on my dead computer I had to recreate something to keep track of my bills on. I had a really old version of Quicken on my computer. I'm just going to try a spreadsheet and a calendar since that's basically what it is. I just spent forever going through my bank to make sure I got all my automatic withdrawal things added.  Remember the days when we just wrote checks for everything and used a paper check register?

I was thinking yesterday about how we used to "float" a check at the grocery store before payday. I used to do that all the time. Then Wal Mart got some scanner thing that made your check go through faster so I quit doing that lol. I think Scott is one of the only people that still gets a paper paycheck. I finally got him to deposit it on his phone instead of having to ride his bike to the bank on his lunch. So much easier.

I've literally spent all day looking at spreadsheets today. I've been working on my little side business record keeping. I'm up to May! I need to find a few note books where I wrote down how much cash I made at my booth sales. I think I know where they are..

I've been driving Trevor to school all week for his 0 period class. We have to leave the house around 6:40. That seems so early. Today he said that he only has to do it MWF now. He was going to take the bus which used to show up around 7:10 most days. Today we got there at 7 and it was long gone so I had to drive him to school. DOH! I guess it's actually coming at like 6:50 now so I won't get to sleep any longer either way! At least if he takes the bus that's less miles on the car.

I've been attempting to not eat flour and sweets much. Yesterday I went to Bingo thinking I wouldn't have any drinks. One of my friends was there wanting to buy me drinks so that I will hem her dress. I gave in (to a couple) and she ordered FLOUR tortilla chips and set them next to me. I have no willpower SIGH. 

I may have also ate 2 pieces of pizza when I got home from work today. Good thing tomorrow is a new day.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I have gained 18.7lbs. It started when I had to be on steroids for my eye.
I keep trying to lose this and I get down 4 or 5 and then friends stop by and I drink and have something to eat with them and boom up 5lbs. Like overnight. WTH? I wish you could lose 5 over night. Right?

I think getting a new computer is fun but I hate the transfer of data.
Good choice not putting the sewing in a room with someone who yells at the TV.
That cracks me up. But I think if it were in my house I wouldn't find it as funny.

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