Thursday, October 1, 2020

Almost Done!

 Good morning! Happy October! Here is to some not 100 degree days, although that is not happening yet this week. Cracks me up when people are all ooo fall! Sweaters! Boots! and I'm cutting off another pair of sweat pants for more shorts.

So my septic system is done! Just needs to be inspected (and second half paid for). They said that they called for that and it should happen today.

That's a lot of dirt

Hoping I can get them to put a couple scoops in my drive way 

I asked for them to put nicer covers on the openings, they have these risers but they are really tall. I think they are going to stick out of the ground a bit. I told Scott maybe we could put some pots on top of them or something. At least they aren't like the middle of the yard. 

I finished up a ton more masks yesterday, posted the extras up and only a few got picked. Back to the mask lull. I was thinking maybe it has finally calmed down but I know it will pick back up again lol

I had put all the Halloween scraps in a bag and last night I pulled them out, ironed and sorted them. I think I'm going to make some Halloween mug rugs. I went through my small (organized) scraps and pulled out some blacks and oranges to add to them.

Then Lucy came in and said it's 11:00 what the hell are you doing it is time for bed!

So I'll probably play with those today lol.

Yesterday Trevor and I had our dentist appointments. I got the other half of my mouth cleaned (that sounds so funny) and Trevor had an exam and has 3 cavities. So he'll be going back next week for that. Hopefully I'll have my car back then. Scott got a head gasket for his truck to see if that would fix the problem. Hopefully! His truck is so beat up now but it's still cheaper to fix then to have a car payment. Definitely need to have a 2nd running car here!  He says he's going to get Trevor's truck smogged soon so we can finish up the registration but we shall see. 

Have a good day everyone!

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