Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Buster & Zip Bags

Happy Hump Day!

This guy is napping after eating 1.5 cans of cat food. We started giving him some wet food because he was losing so much weight (I mean he is 17). He wakes me up every morning now and does his pitiful MEOW that is more like a squeak. I've been giving them all one scoop of the can and Buster the rest but sometimes he's still crying for more so I just give him another can while the others aren't looking lol. 

I've been working on putting applications in the computer the last three days. My mapping program is being stupid and doesn't want to give me parcels and the assessor's website changed their mapping program too. So I'm about over that. 9am and I'm already frustrated with it.

Yesterday after work I finished up these bags I started. It was the first time using the zipper foot on my new machine. I watched a You Tube video (gotta love You Tube) and whalaaa easy as pie.

After these I went through my box of pieces I had cut out already (I think I did a lot of them pre-masks beginning of the pandemic) and matching them up with the colored zippers I have. Now I have a big pile to work with for after work today. I need to cut the batting and some lining pieces for most of them so that will keep me busy.

That's about all the excitement here today! Low key days are good days.


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