Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Babies and Sewing

Well I had a productive 3 day weekend!

Covered the kids rocking chair cushions (just need to make some ties for them)

Made some masks for some orders

Jess brought the baby over to meet Grandpa (and the dogs lol)

Yesterday I babysat for about 2 hours while they went and got some smaller clothes for him and some stuff they needed at Target. Figured it was time to get my bassinet out and he took a good nap in there! We have a bit before he outgrows it lol. Surprisingly the cats haven't jumped in it yet, they just played under it.

Auntie Melissa came to see him and all the kids hung out for awhile

Finished up some more scrappy mug rugs (like and oversized coaster). I'm over black and white now, next will be COLOR! They are really fun to make though to use up scraps.

I'm going to go into work now since I have so much stuff to do there and not much at home. Didn't exactly get anything done the last time I went in!

Hope you all have a great day!


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