Thursday, October 29, 2020

Little Pooh Bear

 Good morning! Man I so wish I could naturally be a morning person but every morning I'm dragging ass. I heard once that the time of day you are born at is like your time of the day. I think I was born at like 1:45 in the afternoon lol. Makes sense to me haha.

Jess took these pictures yesterday of the baby in the little crocheted Pooh outfit I bought him and on the quilt I made. Apparently he hated the little outfit but I think it is pretty cute haha. I of course got one size up from the smallest since we don't usually have little babies. He might be able to try it on a couple more times.

I love this one on the quilt I made. He looks so itty bitty. 

Someone asked me to make a coupe mug rugs with this middle fabric. All I had was a couple scraps so this is what I ended up with. We'll see if they actually buy them or not. If not I'll just put them in my Etsy store and my craft show booth stuff.

This guy here, he is the reason I get up in the morning. Who needs an alarm clock when you've got him yelling at you for breakfast. Sheesh. I can't believe he's over 17 years old. He's close to Trevor's age so in the spring he'll be 18. I've never had a cat live so long. Must be because he's so spoiled haha. Plus he's on life 8.95 lol. His coloring is a bit darker than it looks here, he was in a sunbeam :)

Debating on taking tomorrow off. I have a lot of time I can take now. I invited the kids to come over for Halloween dinner so I need to get some stuff from the store. There is a Halloween car parade Saturday too so if I do that I need some stuff to decorate my car with. Might go rummaging in the shed to find my Halloween and Thanksgiving boxes (and some baby stuff boxes too while I'm in there). I hardly ever go in the shed anymore because has made it such a mess it just pisses me off every time. He has huge car parts that I can't really move in there too so not like I can just "clean it up". 

Well off to see if my boss signed the 133 letters I had to fix up yesterday. I need to load them all onto the online database thing then I can roll all the applications to fiscal year 2021. I'll have to go into the office to print them out and some stamps. Thinking I can run in and do that and then just bring them home to put them together.

Sounds like a plan! 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

look at those skinny legs. He is yummy Julie.
Is your cat missing an eye? So that's why he can't see the clock and tell the time and needs to wake you. :-) He thinks it's far later.

Julie H said...

lol yes he's missing an eye, it got all gross so we had it taken out a couple years ago $$

I just started giving him wet food since he was getting really skinny. Now he's all demanding about it!

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