Friday, October 30, 2020

Babies & Sewing (again)

Good morning!

Hard to believe tomorrow is Halloween already! I think I will go to work in a little bit and print out all these letters and some stamps so I can stuff them at home.

Then go to the store to get Halloween dinner food and snacks for the kids for tomorrow.

Sounds like a plan. After some more coffee.

Last night the kids came over for a little bit and we actually got some awake baby time! Snookie is always so interested in him. 

We were talking about how much hair Trevor had when he was a baby. Scott was like oh he didn't have that much hair. I said are you kidding me? Pulled up a few pictures, he's like oh yeah I forgot lol.

I love this picture, this is Trevor and my nephew Tony. The only picture I have that Tony is bigger lol. Tony is 10 weeks older. Hard to believe they will both be 18 soon.

I did a double take when I walked into the kitchen yesterday. Tubz in the basket I had bread in on top of the microwave lol. She's so funny. Loves her baskets and boxes. 

After the kids left I finished off the zip bags I had been working on. These are all dog fabrics. It was too late to take pictures of them laid out for Etsy so I'll do that today. I am going to go through and pull out any others I had made up in my craft show box and list those too.

Next up is a couple masks that people asked for then maybe work on more of the zip bags or maybe I'll do some mug rugs. Leaning toward doing some mug rugs.  I've had a few people ask about Christmas masks too. Blech. But hey it's money and I have a lot of Christmas fabric..

Hope you all have a great day and weekend!
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