Thursday, April 14, 2022


Good morning happy snotty Thursday. Ugh I am still sick and not feeling any better. WTH it should be going away by now. I spent most of the day in bed yesterday.

Jess sent me this yesterday, we've had our twins for 3 years now. They were so tiny. Now they are huge cats. (Tubz with the black on her head, Tina all orange head).

I did get in the car and go through the drive thru for lunch yesterday. I decided I was starving. Of course when I'm trying to go real quick I hit this monster train in Manteca. This thing can make the whole town inaccessible sometimes. Thankfully it wasn't a stop and back up train. 

I went out to the car to bring in my other purchases from last weekend so I'd have something to share. This store had a bunch of fabric and they were thrift store prices. I love small pieces of fabric and for .50-1.00 you can't lose.

I also got this really cool thread holder. I think I am going to hit it with some spray paint to cover up the ugly paint job lol. The whole thing spins so that is so cool. Pretty sure it is home made.

Jessica decided to do Easter at her house which is awesome since I'm half dead. I told her I'd buy whatever meat they wanted to cook. I want to make some calico beans. Most the kids hate beans but I love them. My mom and grandma always made beans. My step mom made Portuguese beans which to me are similar to the calico ones. Delicious. Makes me hungry just thinking about them. I'm assuming I will make some mac salad too.

Oh man the dogs rediscovered the back door in my room that they can see out of. I think they forgot about it for awhile. They have been having a great time barking at the cats out there this morning. Might have to shut the door to keep them out soon. 

Here was my excitement for yesterday. 133 point word woohoo. Yes I'm a dork.

I'm supposed to go into the office tomorrow but I just talked to the soon to be boss so she could hear how horrible I sound and she said I don't have to go in. TG for teleworking, I don't have to use my 100 plus sick hours haha.

Hopefully I can get some energy up so I can work on some sewing. I still need to finish the zip bags I was almost done with. I have been sitting in the kitchen to work since I have a big mess in there. I need to straighten it up to make room for my computer and working from home. There is a lot of room since I took back the monitors I had but I just filled the space with crap for a moment. Oh I know how that happened it was when I was getting ready for Melissa's birthday party. All the crap goes into the extra room.

Ok I've done some nose spray (someone said that helped with their ears being plugged up) and took some sudafed so I can almost hear now.  That's all I've got for today!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Gosh Julie, you may need to see a Dr so you can get something to make you feel better! It's great when your kids host the party isn't it?

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