Monday, April 25, 2022


 Oh My God Happy Monday! I've started mine off by accidentally copying the ENTIRE STATE of our agency in my email where I'm talking to someone about supplies they want to order. THANK GOD it wasn't some email where we were talking crap about someone. I think I had started typing in the wrong spot and didn't realize it and it somehow changed it to the whole CALIFORNIA group. Fuck me.

Then I had to send a 2nd email telling everyone to disregard the first one so they'd stop asking if it was meant for them. Obviously not sheesh. Glad I work with all these smart people.

So I will finish this entire cup of coffee before I do anything else haha.

Here is Tina showing off the new trash cans, they make an excellent spot for her to watch the faucet. 

I finally made stew for dinner, it was great! I did well with my carbs all day but obviously they went out the window for dinner. And then I had an apple with some peanut butter for a snack so that was carbs too but it's ok. Just playing around with the low carb app my friends have been using.  I have a whole chicken defrosting to cook for dinner tonight. I will cut it up though since I like it better that way.

I got all my zip bags I was working on done. The rest that are cut but not finished have went into my unfinished projects box lol.

I pulled out all the unfinished keychains I had. These were a couple steps in so started with those.

Then I have the ones that I found backs for fronts so I sewed those together, that is where I stopped last night. On the far left is a pile to return to put into the colored scrap bags since I don't think they will work good for keychains now.

I thought Scott was going to come home yesterday but he never did. Probably tired from the day before.

Peg, his mom just keeps the spoons for some reason. He took them away to wash them and put them in the drawer. She will get up and get herself snacks and we'd bring her food to eat on her try with silverware so I'm assuming she just squirreled them away haha.
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

For her birthday you could buy her spoons. :-)

Have you ever sent an inter-office email that no one should have seen but the 1 person you thought you sent it to? Oh for the love of God that is awful and yes I did it. Bad bad week.
I have been looking for a garbage can for under $100 it is damn crazy that they cost so much. I wish I hadn't left ours at our old house. Rubbermaid does not make them that size anymore. I've been looking for a new can (large! bigger than yours) for my pantry. When I find what I like it's $169 and there is no way I can throw that kind of money into the garbage can! (no pun intended)

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