Tuesday, February 13, 2024


Good morning happy Tuesday! 

This is what greeted me when I came into the office today.

They moved my desk over one cube. Moved everything but stopped at this spaghetti. Now the docking station for my computer doesn't work so that's fun. Had to go to the IT site and request a new one. TG I brought in my computer charging cord or I would have just had to go home. Well maybe that wouldn't have been so bad ;)

So far today I've just been going through 2 weeks of emails. I'm on round 2 of going through them. Only a few things to actually do left in there. That's what happens when they have someone cover for you while you're gone. Back to nothing when you show up!

The kids came over yesterday for my last grandma day.

Daniel was fully dressed with a sweatshirt on and then comes out of my room next to n*ked lol. Kid hates clothes like I hate shoes.

Rosie was sporting her cute Valentine's outfit my friend got her.

Here's a picture of Nate at home in his swing

Here is my latest rag quilt finished. This one I am donating to the car show for the raffle. Glad to be done with cars & trucks lol.

I brought in all the fabric I bought from the car. These bins were all supposed to be 1/2 yards but only about 1.5 were 1/2 yards. The rest were fat quarters. That's ok though since there is a lot and still worth what I paid for them ($25 a bin) I wish I had the lids for them though. I went through and unfolded them a bit and stacked them differently I'm going to iron them and then try to sell them on the FB group. They do smell a little musty though so hopefully people will still want them. If not I have fabric to sew for the rest of my life ;)

Most of these were fat quarters too. I got them all unrolled.

and then the bolts. I think I will take them off the bolts. I'll probably unbolt them to put them in bins to save space/get them out of the open.

Simon is such a cuddler when the kids are over. She's like save me mom!

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